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The Terms and Conditions detailed here are legally binding to any organisation or person that chooses to use the services of Blue Squirrel Design Ltd. The term 'Client' used is deemed to be any organisation or person using our services. The terms 'us' and 'we' are deemed to be Blue Squirrel Design Ltd.

General Working Agreement
All work that we create and design remains the property of Blue Squirrel Design Ltd, until paid for in full. When we design your logo, website, printed literature or other marketing tools, we will often provide alternative designs. It is only the final logo, published website or artwork for the printed article that is assigned to the client.

When a client instructs Blue Squirrel Design Ltd. to work on a project, we ask that the client answer any communication from us in a timely manner. If a period of 30 days passes with out response from the client, we may at our discretion terminate the project. In this instance, the client will be responsible for the payment of any work carried out to date on the project, and any losses incurred by Blue Squirrel Design Ltd.

Authors amends When we present the first set of visuals for a project, we allow time within our quote for a set of amends, as we appreciate that it is often difficult to get things totally right first time. There is no charge for this first set of amends. The word amends refers to, corrections to text due to spelling/grammar mistakes and changes to the general styling/design of the project. However, if the client requires replacement of text/images, or any alterations that differ from the original brief, then these are classed as Authors amends and will be additional charges to the client. We will advise the client if this circumstance occurs and re-quote for the work involved. Any further amends, after the first set of amends, are also considered authors amends and will therefore be chargeable to the client additional to the original quote.

Blue Squirrel Design Ltd. reserve the right to display completed work on our website social media portfolio and to potential clients, unless a confidentiality agreement has been agreed and signed.

In the unlikely event of negligence on our part or misinterpretation of a brief, Blue Squirrel Design Ltd total liability to the client under any circumstance will not exceed the net amount invoiced for any damaged, defective or undelivered items.

Photography and Imagery
Bespoke photography/images taken by our photographers are intended for exclusive use by the client. The client may not sell, lease or loan these images without our permission. Any stock photography obtained from royalty free image websites/libraries are purchased by us for a specific project. They are licences for one use only. If multiple use of the imagery is required, you will need to make us aware of this prior to our purchase of the images, as we will need to purchase an extended licence agreement for the image, which will allow you to use the image on multiple projects. If the client is in breach of this agreement, and the 'royalty free image websites/libraries' take legal action, Blue Squirrel Design Ltd., will not be held responsible for the clients’ actions.

Any data obtained from data libraries are purchased by us for a specific project. If your data contains telephone numbers, the data will have been screened against the Telephone Preference Service / Corporate Telephone Preference Service File (TPS / CTPS) prior to output and as such, will be compliant for the next 28 days. Further TPS / CTPS screening will be required if sales calls are to be made after this date – please request the TPS / CTPS Legislation guide for further information. If the client is in breach of this agreement, and the ‘libraries/TPS' take legal action, Blue Squirrel Design Ltd., will not be held responsible for the clients’ actions.

All accounts must be paid in full (including VAT) within 14 days from the date of our invoice. Payment terms will be clearly stated on your invoice. For new customers, we may ask for 50% of the total invoice amount to be paid up front and the remainder to be paid on delivery/ upload. These terms will be clearly stated on our quotation. Quotes are valid for 30 days and exclude VAT and delivery.

Print, Copywriting and Website building prices quoted, will be invoiced for immediate payment and must be paid prior to orders being placed.

On receipt of goods, you have 7 days in which to query, after which time it is deemed that you have accepted the goods as correct.

Failure to pay in full within the designated time period, at our discretion, may result in interest being charged to the invoiced amount at 8% above the Bank of England base rate, and will be charged monthly until the invoice is paid in full. Part month will qualify as a full month for the purposes of the calculations.

Failure to make payment will result in legal action.

Our Website
All text, images and content of this website are and remain the property of Blue Squirrel Design Ltd. It is illegal to download, reproduce, use any images that appear on this website for advertising or commercial purposes without written consent from us:

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